Epoxy Flooring

Flooring Protection
Enhance your garage, shop or office concrete floors with our high quality epoxy floor coatings. Our trained professionals are highly skill in repairing cracks in your garage floor prior to installing your new, long-lasting floor coating.

Professional Look
Our flooring services bring professional high quaility styling to garage, showroom and patio floors. Choose your color that suits your style!

In addition to adding brillance to your garage, our flooring is stain, peel, and chip resistant You will not have to worry about oil or other stains thanks to the chemical resistant flooring. Our floors are virually free from staining by most household products.

Easy to Clean
Our easy-to-clean two-part epoxy flooring is a great addition to your garage. shop, or office floor. Wiping up spills, grease or oil is as easy with a paper towel. Washing your floor with a mild soap and water is a breeze.

A 6 month limited warranty on floor coatings.

Quality Materials
In order to give you a solid and professional-looking garage floor, The Garage Transformers use top-quality military grade materials in our epoxy flooring.

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